Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday share

I finished the blocks for my Shakespeare in the Park and have it up on the design wall. This quilt is going to my daughter Heather in Missouri. I will be taking it with me when I visit her next month. The next step is sewing the block together. This one is sewn on the diagonal which I have never done before so I am taking it slow.
As you see it is to big for my design wall so I think it will fit her queen size bed. I also spotted two mistakes that I have corrected already. Glad I saw them before it was quilted. 

I also worked on my Scrap Vortex this week. The blocks are getting bigger and bigger. I had it up on the design board before I put up SitP and posted it on FB. I know it is very very busy but I am not real sure how to calm it down. But I guess that's why its call a Scrap Vortex it just moves, stretches, twists and interacts in a complex way.

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Jan said...

I love the Shakespeare in the Park. It is gorgeous.

I also like your new header picture.