Friday, April 29, 2016

Cross Stitch UFO

I have pulled out my next UFO to work on. I have promised myself to finish a UFO before I start anything new. Yes yes I have a couple of cross stitch patterns with quilts that I want to do for the quilt room but I am going to wait.
This one is called Mary Wigham, it is a sampler that was made by Mary Wigham in 1790 at the Ackworth School in England. I am doing the sampler on 25 count over 1.

This is the original sampler, as you can see I am changing some of the colors around. I will most likely tea dye the whole thing once I have it done. I am also going to put my family initials in it and my name will replace hers in the middle.
I am glad that I have picked up my needles and magnifer again. I have enjoyed Cross Stitching since 1987 when my friend Jan B. taught me the art of stitching.


llknbillburg said...

Lovely March Ann! I am trying to finish up some UFOs too. Going back to them and actually getting them done has been very exciting! Laura

Minnie said...

Gorgeous sampler, we know the same enabler. I now have too much stash and too many wips.