Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Boo Hoo but hand work done

My sewing machine went in to be cleaned last week and because it was skipping stitched when I was sewing over more than 2 pieces of fabric. Long story short I had to take it back since it was still doing the same thing when I got it back home. That was Thursday and today is Tuesday and I still don't have my machine. But I am being patient until tomorrow since I know they have 3 stores and the repairman most likely goes to all of them. 
So I have gotten 3 bag projects ready to sew, I have finished embroidering 2 blocks for The Splendid Sampler quilt and almost finished page 3 on Death By Cross Stitch. 

Oh yes I have been watching  a lot of video's by Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabric's and also some video's by Quilt Monkey. 
Today I was frogging out a two inch section of Death since I was off by 2 stitches to have the bottom of the page meet up with the top area. Pulling out my stitches so I can restitch the 3 flower pots. 

I am still not sure my Thyroid medicine is the right dosage for me yet still I just don't feel right. My joints aches, my pulse races, my fingers are tingling again and my skin is dry. I don't feel like going to the pool but I am getting out of the house. But this all will pass I am sure it just takes time to get it right. 

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Jo said...

Hope you get your machine fixed soon, I'd be lost without mine. Great stitching and glad you didn't have more than the 2" to frog..whew! Fingers crossed your meds will work for you soon.